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Questions Canadians Ask About KandyMask

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Filtration and Performance Questions

What does KandyMask help protect against?

Has KandyMask been independently tested?

Does KandyMask protect against COVID-19?

How long can KandyMask be used for?

Is KandyMask NIOSH certified

What is the difference between a valve and non valve mask?

Does your filter material cover the entire mask?

Does you mask contain any latex?

Does KandyMask use nano form graphene carbon in its mask?

What is the difference between the KandyMask 6.0 and 7.0?

Sizing and taking care of my Kandymask

Which size fits me?

How do i wash my KandyMask?

Help identifying what works, misleading claims and scams

Do masks with replaceable filter inserts work?

How do I know if it is true if a mask claims 99% effectiveness?

Order Questions

When can I expect my order to ship?

Are shipping times guaranteed?

Is shipping free?

Can I become a KandyMask distributor?