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A Story of Love and Protection

KandyMask Story


The KandyMask story starts 12 years ago when Iannique Renaud from Canada a former professional hockey player decided to travel to China for a few months.

While abroad his boy suffered a severe respiratory attack due to the high levels of pollution in the air. His son started choking and he had to rush his son to the hospital. Arriving in just in time doctors hooked him his on up to ventilators to clear his airways.

After a night in the hospital, the doctors told Iannique that his son had severe asthma and pollutants in the air had infected his respiratory system.  For his son to live a normal life Iannique had to find ways to protect his son's lungs from contaminants,   It also meant being 100% sure that the materials used are always tbe highest grade and backed by scientific data. 

Iannique, started researching filtration technologies so his son could live a normal life. He ended up building an air filtration system to protect his son's lungs while he was at home. Now that the inside of the home had filtered air he turned his attention to protecting his son while outside. He designed a mask with medical-grade filtration that would be reusable and people would be proud to wear.  Quickly people all over the world started to wear KandyMask because of the filtration capabilities and respiratory protection it provided.

For over a decade Iannique built one of the most respected filtration companies in Asia and served people all over the world and most Fortune 500 companies. T

he core values of KandyMask has alway been to only carry products that we would use to protect our own family. 

In 2018, he decided to move back to Montreal, Canada so his family could be free from the pollution in Asia.

Little did he know that his years of filtration experience would come in handy more than ever when the global pandemic hit.   

Now our immediate focus is on helping people protect themselves and others by engineering a reusable face mask with high-quality filtration that has been proven by the top laboratories in the world.

Loving Father, CEO & Founder

Iannique Renaud
Iannique Family KandyMask