Washing my KandyMask

Washing my new filtered mask

Masks have been at the forefront of people’s minds for the last year due to the pandemic.  Sterilization, washing, sanitization, cleaning, and disinfection have all become trendy words.

KandyMask is a reusable, washable, filtered mask tested to filter 99% of viruses, bacteria, and particles. We are a hybrid mask that offers the filtration efficiency of an n95 mask with the reusability of a cloth mask.   

Hand washing the mask is recommended to ensure you extend its protective capabilities.

To understand how to clean KandyMask, you need to understand masks and the filtration protection each has.

N95 Masks

  • Is used by doctors to protect themselves from infectious diseases. These masks are adequate for your respiratory protection.  They are meant to be used once and are not washable.

Cloth Masks 

  • Is meant to protect others from your droplets but not you from others. These masks don't use the correct filtration materials.  It offers little to no protection for the wearer’s respiratory system. The materials used do not effectively catch small particles, bacteria or viruses.  They are meant to be reusable and can be machine-washed because it doesn’t contain the proper mask filtration materials.

Surgical Masks

  • Is used to protect patients from doctors and not the doctor from infectious diseases. The masks are adequate to protect others against you but less effective in protecting your respiratory system.  They are meant to be used once and are not washable.  They come in medical and non-medical forms depending on the testing protocols they have passed.

KandyMask (Hybrid Filtered Mask)

  • We use the same filtration as the N95 masks in the inner layers. The outside layers are made of cloth microfibres that protect the effective medical-grade inner layers. Our valveless mask is meant to protect the wearer’s respiratory system from airborne contaminants and protect others from your droplets.  Our mask is reusable and can be hand washed.

Why does KandyMask need to be hand washed?

Our medical-grade filtration material is a paper-like surface. It has millions of intertwined fibres pressed together that make it effective. Hand washing helps maintain the effectiveness and structural integrity of the filter materials.  The filter is not as delicate as paper, so you don’t need to worry about ripping it or puncturing it when you wash it by hand. Placing it in the washing machine may damage the filtration materials and lose some effectiveness.

Here is a short video and steps to wash your new KandyMask.

  1. Pour warm water into a small bowl and place it in the sink.
  2. Prepare some foamy hand soap (we will explain hand soap later)
  3. Dip a damp cloth into the water with one hand and place a small amount of soap on the mask. Gently massage the entire inner and outer surface of the mask with a damp rag or hands.   The gentle massaging will help bring to the surface dirt, make-up, sweat, and germs.  We find that cloth against cloth cleans better but using your hands is also totally fine.
  4. After cleaning the mask gently rinse the mask under warm water to rinse away the soap and germs down the drain.
  5. Hang your mask up to dry

  Our preference is hand soap to wash the mask

The science behind hand soap also plays into our decision so here is the simplified version.    Hand soap contains quadrillions of amphiphile in its molecular structure.  These hand soap molecules able to attack the virus’s weak point and break through the virus’s membrane. 

They act as a crowbar to pry the virus’s lipid (fatty) envelope apart then pierces through it tearing it apart.  Once the virus envelope is pulled apart the same amphiphillic molecules form their own bubbles around the virus’s  RNA and protein.    Then once you apply water and rinse the mask these bubbles that enveloped parts of the virus go down the drain.  

We prefer to use foaming hand soap to wash our KandyMask because it is the softest of soaps but any hand soap is fine. Hand soap is using made from natural ingredients and detergent is usually made from chemicals.   We are putting the masks on our face after all so we want to reduce the amount of chemical we breathe in.

Check out this interesting video below. The science would also apply to cleaning a mask with hand soap.

Does KandyMask have replaceable filters that can be washed?

When you wear KandyMask there is no replaceable filter that can be changed.  Our entire mask acts as the filter.   The medical-grade filters are sewn into the inner layers of the mask all the way up to the seams.

We don’t believe in masks with replaceable filters because it could create unprotected gaps in the mask. Sewing the right filtration materials right up to the seams provides the wearer the most complete protection.

I want to be extra careful and sanitize my KandyMask

For those that want to take even extra precautions, we can offer you a mask sanitization solution.  After or before washing your masks you can place your KandyMasks in our UVC box.   Our UVC light has been proven to kill 99,99% of viruses on anything you put in the box.  You can find more information about the KandyMask UV Mask Sanitizer Pro 100 here.

Stay protected and stay vigilant

Wearing a KandMask is a great tool for taking your respiratory protection to the next level.  Remember that wearing KandyMask is just one of the tools to protect yourself.  It is not a complete replacement for proper hygiene and social distancing.